The new textile collection is all about rich monochromatic tones and organically painted, oversized shapes.


BLOCKS | silk | rose

BLOCKS | silk pillows | rose

BLOCKS | linen | rose

BLOCKS | linen pillows | rose

BLOCKS | linen | ochre

BLOCKS | linen pillow | ochre

BLOCKS | silk | ochre

BLOCKS | silk pillows | ochre

BLOCKS | silk | wythe

BLOCKS | silk pillows | wythe

BLOCKS | silk | cobalt

BLOCKS | silk pillows | cobalt

Pillow Spray
Pillow Spray
Pillow Spray
Pillow Spray
Pillow Spray

Pillow Spray

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Fall asleep with the calming scent of ylang ylang, lavender and bergamot of Laine + Alliage's natural pillow spray made of essential oils.

ingredients: Cananga Odorata (ylang ylang), Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender), Citrus Bergamima (bergmot), all natural witch hazel (100%) (Containing Alcohol 14%)


Our story


Fes Oasis | textile collection

This unique collection of textiles was inspired by the lush, secret gardens of the Fez Medina. The three prints, Cactus, Lotus and Monstera, evolved from the Islamic geometric pattern techniques learned while on a trip to Morocco. We used these traditional methods as a base for what became the Fes Oasis prints, where we discover a hidden geometry, an organic flow reminiscent of the patterns that have adorned Moroccan architecture for centuries. The rich colors and delicate designs bring poetry into the Fes Oasis microcosm, where these luxurious textiles live, swaying with ease.

Fes Oasis | silk/wool | cactus

Fes Oasis | silk/wool | monstera

Fes Oasis | silk/wool | lotus

Decoupage Pillows

Hand sewn and composed of a variety of different fabrics all interacting together using shapes as appliques to form geometrical designs.

These pillows make up small collections of one of a kind pieces, sold as sets and meant to play off of each other in a space.

Decoupage Pillows | Sand

Decoupage Pillows | Emerald

Decoupage Pillows | Fir

Decoupage Pillows | Macaw

Decoupage | Triptych

Decoupage pillows | Blues

Woven Blankets

100% cotton jacquard blankets woven in the USA inspired by geometrical designs of the Blocks collection

Woven Blanket | ochre

Woven Blanket | Wythe

Special Commisions

A fluid design process that fully immerses the client into the Laine + Alliage universe.  During this collaboration, the firm or individual is taken through every step of creative adventure in order to design the perfect product.  Lead times and pricing depend on scope.

100 United Nations Plaza, NYC


Working closely with the client to create a pop of color for the living area, the burnt orange was a great compliment to the navy and hint of teal.  The fabrics used are all luxury textiles, sewn together beautifully to create geometry inspired by modern art and architecture.  

100 United Nations Plaza, NYC


A more feminine, softer design for the bedroom, inspired by the Berber women of the Sahara.  Pillows were embroidered with handmade African beads, and made of soft cotton velvets and natural linen.  

4th street, NYC


A masculine take on bohemian, we found these unique, handmade Kuba clothes and used them to make floor cushions filled with organic buckwheat.  The backside of the pillows are leather hand blanket stitched on at the edges using a wool yarn.  We kept it 100% natural by hand dyeing the lining with organic green tea. 

East Hampton, NY


Graceful lines creating shapes out of soft wool felt in a neutral palette.  The perfect collection to adorn a cozy winter home by the water.   

inside the atelier


Laine + Alliage is an exciting new atelier with a fresh outlook on the world of interiors.  It’s founder, Tania, comes from the high end fashion industry, and develops the brand with her knowledge and experiences in mind.


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